Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2625-20 18-Volt Cordless Reciprocating Saw Review

Various types of power tools are found on the market all those are really effective. Somebody use for professional and some are used for own necessary. The reciprocating saw is one of them like another power tool.

This is one of the most important equipments for work. All works aren’t possible to cut by a knife that’s why this saw is helpful for those working.

Nowadays different types of the brand are Milwaukee, Dewalt, Bosch, and so on. These are well-known to most people, why popular? Because their every product is in high-quality features with high-performance, they are useful for the great task.

That’s why the Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2625-20 18-Volt Cordless Reciprocating Saw review has been made for the user so that they can get a necessary idea.

Anyway, this review is giving you knowledge about 2625-20 products of Milwaukee. For a long day, its service is satisfactory to most of the people but why? This is well-designed with functionality in order to understand the beginner.

What is incapacity? This is suitable for cutting wood, PVC pipes, metal, and others. By cutting these materials, the customer won’t be stuck in any work.

In a word, I have to say that this is a user-friendly best-reciprocating saw.

Whom is the Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2625-20 18-Volt Cordless Reciprocating Saw Designed for?

But do you know who is using this reciprocating saw? If no, then know from below.

  • Used by plumbers
  • Carpenters use this tool
  • People who are hobbyist
  • Tree trimmers also use this
  • Suitable for homeowner and DIY project

Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2625-20 18-Volt Cordless Reciprocating Saw Review

One-Handed Design

This is the best power tool for daily use because there is no pain for holding purposes. Two hands are necessary for some tools but this tool doesn’t let happening for you.

This Milwaukee power tool is well-built with a one-handed design which is really suitable for holding. This won’t give you extra pain while you are working. Thanks to this feature! This is in a standard quality not only that that’s great for giving superior control.

Additionally, this is flexible over a standard saw. There are many types of things that are very necessary for a tool. Same as, controlling that is the most effective part of a tool.

When the user is working by using this tool, they must have to know about controlling. Then this saw won’t happen for the user which is a great feature.

Compact Size

With a one-handed design, there is another important thing which is in perfect weight. If that’s included then the user can’t work perfectly even they can’t hold perfectly. This is well-built with compact size for which the user can use it in tight spaces as well as they can do nicely overhead work for its lightweight capacity.

Before researching, I have some curiosity about this tool. Then I can get rid of their curiosity after completing research and curiosity was that is heavy or not.

This Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2625-20 M18 18-Volt Hackzall Cordless One-Handed Reciprocating Saw is constructed perfectly with different functions so that the user doesn’t need to search for other equipment. As a researcher, I can say that the customer won’t be cheated after purchasing this one-handed reciprocating saw.


Cutting Capacity

Most of the people have their own target purchasing reciprocating saw so that the power tool can be able to cut nicely. But if that doesn’t happen, they have no interest to get that item anymore.

This cordless tool doesn’t make it frustrating for the user. Its cutting capacity is high-quality and this is helpful for most of the materials cutting such as metal, wood, PVC, etc. How is that possible? This Milwaukee set contains a powerful motor that offers 0-3000 strokes per minute as well as 3/4 inch stroke length in order to fast cutting through hard materials.

Its accurate control and power both keep great contribution for the customer when they will work. This tool has been giving good service for many days.

Easy to Use

Some common questions are how to use, is easy to use, how it features easy, and so on. Most of the users are curious before purchasing and they are confused.

This Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2625-20 18-Volt Hackzall Cordless One-Handed Reciprocating Saw doesn’t have any difficult function for which the beginner can’t use properly. This is well-designed so that the customer can it very easily. Even a newbie can do a great job by using this reciprocating saw.

Further, this will give the user awesome safety and the user won’t face any danger. There is little assembly task which will be done very easily.

It has an excellent manual book which is contained all necessary things in order to easy use of the user. But yes, you should do care it otherwise this doesn’t stay for the long day. To do easier work, the LED light is contained in this equipment for which the work surface lights up while cutting.


Another great factor is the durability that is really necessary. That equipment will be useless if that isn’t durable. But are you tensed in this issue? Don’t worry! This best cordless reciprocating saw review has been made with so much research and even you won’t be cheated to buy it.

There can be necessary to do work for the customer which is the blade changed.

But this Milwaukee 18v cordless reciprocating saw is supportive for quick and easy tool-free blade changing which is SAWZALL and HACKZALL blades. Moreover, when you will work, you can do it comfortably because it has a patent-pending dual gear anti-vibration system.

How long would you like to use it? No need to worry! This equipment will facilitate for the customer better working for the long day.

Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2625-20 18-Volt Cordless Reciprocating Saw Pros & Cons

What we liked:
  • Heavy-duty tool
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Help to cutting quickly
  • That’s really well convenient
  • Enough power in this equipment
What we didn't like:
  • Problem to water
  • Not included battery and charger

Some Question & Answer About Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2625-20 18-Volt Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2625-20 18-Volt Cordless Reciprocating Saw FAQ's

Is this best battery operated reciprocating saw helpful for metal cutting?

This is a nice tool for metal cutting which won’t be any bother to a user.

How to easy at a tighter spot of any items?

That’s very suitable for a tighter spot and the user won’t face a problem.

How is the blade changing performance?

That’s very easy to blade changing of this equipment.

Which cordless reciprocating saw is best?

As an expert, I can say that Milwaukee is the best tool.

Has this Milwaukee battery-operated reciprocating saw different speeds for well-performance?

Yes, this saw is carried variable speed.

Final Verdict

I guess that you may be searched a lot of reciprocating saws but which cordless reciprocating saw is best? What are you thinking? As an expert I will tell you, this best-rated cordless reciprocating saw won’t get on the market.

If the user won’t be confused that’ why there is made for you an accommodating Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2625-20 18-Volt Cordless Reciprocating Saw review.

This is in a 5-year limited warranty, the user faces any problem within these days. Of course, they will cooperative for better working. Although this is a cordless tool its power source is a battery which Milwaukee battery reciprocating saw is amazing.

QUIK-LOK is ready for doing easy and quick blade changing. I assure you that any user won’t any bad side of this tool. If the customer wants to boost their work, then they should get this saw.

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