Is Track Saw Better Than A Table Saw

I have heard this question so many times that I thought it wise to make the air. Well, it is easy to understand the source of the confusion since they look much a like and they do almost the same things.
So, how can you tell the difference between the two and thereby argue out the decision to buy one and not the other?

In this comprehensive guide about, we will try to argue out the main advantages of each of these saws to give you an idea of why you should go for a track saw and not a table saw and vice versa.
It is my hope that it will help you make the right decision.

Is Track Saw Better Than A Table SawSome Features of is Track Saw Better Than a Table Saw

Material Type

While the two tools are used to cut straight lines, track saws are better suited.

The cut in a track saw tends to remain visible at all times and thereby making it easier for you to spot any imperfections in the cut path. Besides, track saws work by moving the saw over a fixed material for the cutting, which gives you better control.

Angle Cuts

Although a table saw can make good and entirely accurate angle cuts, a track saw does an excellent job. The former allows you to rapidly and easily adjust the blade to any desired cut angle.

Very high-quality track saws have the ability to lock on to a preset angle. Custom or preset angles are not always possible when you are using a table saw.

Types of Cut

If you want smooth, splinter-free, seamless and professional cuts, only track saw can deliver that.

A track saw allows for higher precision and more accurate angles because if its high levels of maneuverability. However, you will need some small level of planning before executing a cut since this tool can deploy just by being pivoted down on the material.

Tool Versatility

When it comes to versatility, track saw is, of course, the winner, although both tools show some levels of versatility.

You may find a table saw ideal if you want to make repetitive cuts on a similar alignment. Due to this fact, the tool can cut large size material efficiently and quickly. The track saw, on the other hand, is excellent in making custom cuts or when you have a full material to cut.


That is important to exercise safety precautions when dealing with both of these tools. Generally, track saws are safer than table saws.

This is because you bring the saw to the material. Besides, most brands are equipped with safety features such as automatic brake, protection against kickback and handle guards. For a table saw, you bring the material to the saw which may be riskier.

Cut Quality

Track saws are hand operated, and this makes them very maneuverable. This feature makes it possible for this type of saw to make custom cuts, something that table saws cannot achieve.

If fitted with a high-quality blade, a track saw can deliver an incredible professional straight cut. However, you can choose a table saw if you are looking for ease of use and make only standard cuts.


If you are operating on a tight budget, and you want a saw that can help you make straight and angled cuts, then a track saw is the best choice.

The high-quality track saw brands seldom cost more than $150. Table saws can cost you a small fortune if you are looking for a high-quality model.

Our Verdict

Considering the many high points, we have discussed here; it is clear that track saws are very nice.

They are compact and portable allowing you have better control than you would with table saws. This is also important to give credit where it is due. Table saws also have some features that allow them an edge over track saws.

Track Saw Vs Circular Saw

Another point of contention is how a track saw compares too circular saw. Both of these tools are ideal for making straight cuts on sheet goods and other wooden materials.

However, it is clear that a track saw does a better job. The strong point of a track saw include safety, cut quality, ease of use and affordability. In terms of safety, a track saw has a riving knife and automatic brake for your safety.

A track saw also boasts of the precise depth of cut adjustment, precise bevel adjustments and nil chance of blade deflection. Circular saws do not have these features as far as I am concerned because I have used both tools before.

FAQ's Is Track Saw Better Than A Table Saw Track Saw Vs Circular Saw

1. Is track saw safer than a table saw?

Since you bring the track saw to the material, you have full control, which makes using this tool much safer.

2. Between track saw and table saw which delivers cleaner cuts?

Since you have a clear vision of your work area when using a track saw, you can expect to make cleaner cuts.

3. Should buy a table saw or a track saw?

The decision of what track saw to buy is yours to make. You should keep in mind what your needs are before you make the decision.

4. Is a track saw safer than a circular saw?

A track saw is equipped with many safety features to include riving knife and automatic brake for your protection.

5. How do track saw, table saw and circular saw compare in price?

In comparing the average costs of these different saw types, a track saw seems to be the most affordable followed by a circular saw and then a table saw.

Last Word

There you go. If you have been struggling with the decision of which saw to buy to help you make straight and angled cuts on sheet goods, then you are now informed.

I would seriously vouch for a track saw. It is a nice way to achieve high-quality cuts without spending too much money. However, argue out each point to help you understand better before you make this important decision.

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