Reasons To Use Rear Tine Tiller And Safety Tips

What drives an individual to buy a product is a need that such a product can satisfy.

At least that is what drove me to buy a rear tine tiller. This tool is extremely versatile and can help eliminate the need for many tools, providing you with a sure way to make savings. The confusion is always whether to use a rear tine tiller or a front tine tiller.

Personally, I would prefer rear tine tillers. What are the reasons to use rear tine tillers? What are the most important safety precautions to take while using these machines?

Reasons To Use Rear Tine TillerThis guide will try to answer these questions as comprehensively as possible.

Reasons to Use Rear Tine Tiller

Tines Work Independently

Rear tine tillers are designed with wheels or tires that are driven by the engine. This means the tines work regardless of the wheels. This design makes this type of tine tiller height useful in cultivating large gardens fast and with ease. The feature also makes them very easy to operate.

Counter Rotation

Certain models of rear tine tillers have counter rotating times, which means the lines are capable of turning in the direction opposite that of the wheels.

This feature is vital if you are tilling new, extremely hard or compacted ground. The standard rotating tines rotate in the same direction as the wheels making them ideal for re-tiling.

Adjustable Depth Regulators

Certain types of crops require shallow planting depth while others need deep planting depth. The good thing about rear tine tillers is that they feature adjustable depth regulators. This will help you to till at a variety of heights depending on the crops you want to plant and the type of soil.

Large Treaded Wheels

Rear tine tiller wheels perform a significant role in pulling the digging tine along. In order to perform well on a variety of terrains, the wheels need to be large and well treaded.

Luckily, most brands of rear tine tillers capitalize on treaded wheels to improve the performance of their tools.

Unique Safety Features

Safety is one thing you must care about when using any tiller. The rear tine tillers are designed with some safety features to protect you while tilling. Most of these machines are equipped with a side bar and rear shields to add safety to your tilling.

Rear Tine Tiller Safety Tips

Your safety is extremely important. If you want to till safely, you have to take into account some safety precautions.

Here are some rear tine tiller safety tips:

Inspect and Clear the Working Area

Before you begin your tilling, take a walk around the area you will be tilling. Look for obstacles such as rocks, garden horses, kid’s toys, underground installations, sticks and anything else that might obstruct your way.

Removing such barriers will help prevent trip and fall accidents. Besides, they could damage the tiller itself.

Wear Protective Gear

Use strong works boots with sturdy, textured outer soles for traction. The boots will also protect your feet from injuries since they usually become quite close to the tine as you operate the tiller. You should also, wear close fitting clothing and avoid any jewelry.

Other protective gear includes goggles, hearing protection and hand, gloves.

Do Not Leave the Tiller Running Unattended

If you have to walk a way from your tiller for any reason, do not leave it running unattended. Never leave it even for a second not even for a water break.

If you have to leave it, make sure you disengage and shut the tiller before you leave. This is for your own safety and that of anyone else in the vicinity of the machine.

Prepare Well for Start-up

Take a quick review of all your rear tine tiller’s controls and familiarize yourself with how to operate it properly. Take note of the quick shut off features and recognize how to quickly turn off the tiller and disengage in the case of an emergency.

Review the owner’s manual, if necessary to ensure you have everything right.

Work at the Speed of Your Tiller

You may want to be highly productive by working faster than the tiller can handle. You must resist this temptation. Forcing the rear tine tiller to move faster than its engine can overload it. This may damage the engine and not necessarily boost your productivity.

If you run into an obstacle, do not force the tiller back. Instead, reverse, disengage and dig around the spot with a spade to find the obstruction and remove it.

FAQ's Reasons to Use Rear Tine Tiller and Safety Tips

What is the difference between rear and front tine tillers?

Rear tine tillers have their tines placed behind the engine while front tine tillers have their tines placed in front of the engine.

Are rear tine tillers safe to use?

Yes, but you have to observe all the necessary safety precautions in the user manual as well as employing the ones you have learned here.

Who should use rear tine tiller?

Anyone who has the skill and strength to operate the machine can use it. In most cases, only adults can handle the machine.

What is the best tilling speed?

Each rear tine tiller brand or model has its preset speed. However, the speed at which it moves depends on the type of soil it is digging. Do not force it to speed.

What protective gears do I need?

You need goggles, hearing protection, boots, and gloves as well as close fitting.

Last Word

Now you have the information to make the right decision on why you need a rear tine tiller. This tool is what you need to simplify your cultivation.

It can help you deal with large garden for planting. If you couple its use with observing the right safety precautions then you will find this garden machine extremely useful addition to your collection of farm equipment.

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