Should I Buy a Track Saw? Which Track Saw To Buy?

When I first heard about track saws, I was confused because I could not understand why I would need such a tool when I already had several other types of saws including a table saw. With time, I understood the reasons why a track saw might be a good addition to my collection.

Now, I have own one and am ready to answer anyone who is asking – should I buy a track saw and what track saw to buy.

Should I Buy a Track SawShould I Buy A Track Saw?

As a woodworker, I find a track saw extremely useful in helping me make straight laser cuts and plunge cuts. Unlike circular saws and table saws, this tool can allow you to make long, accurate cuts faster and much better. Furthermore, they are extremely lightweight and therefore portable making them incredibly convenient to use. Being compact in design and lightweight, you can easily use a track saw is tight spaces without straining.

In addition, the tool can allow you to make long miters without any limit since you can just connect the rail tracks for more extended cuts.

High-quality models feature dust collection system, which is useful in ensuring clean, and smooth cuts.

What Is The Best Track Saw To Buy?

In case you have made up your mind to purchase a track saw then it is important to ask yourself which of the many models currently available in the market is the best to buy.

If you take into account a few important factors, reaching that decision will not be a hard task. Here are the main factors to consider:

Choose a Credible Brand

What crosses your mind when you think of a power tool? Well, some brands are well known for producing high-quality tools. When looking for the best track saw to purchase, consider short listing models of interest from credible brands that have established their name in the market.

Such track saws might be expensive, but they are trustworthy.

Track Saw Capacity

The ability of any tool to perform its work depends on its capabilities. Certain materials require special features that standard or regular track saws do not have.

For that reason, you need to consider the equipment you want to cut before settling on the saw model to buy. Ensure you purchase a track saw with enough capacity to cut the material you want to work with.

Blade Changing

It is impossible for a track saw to come with a blade and stick with it until the saw is no longer usable. Due to their mechanism of action, track saws feature blades that blunt over time. Besides, such blades are super-thin and therefore tend to break with extensive use. For these reasons, you need to choose a track saw with easy to change blades.

Weight and Portability

When you are a full-time woodworker, flooring expert, a carpenter or a repair person the then chances are that you might have some projects that will require you to work hours on end.

Such applications may take a toll in your body leading to fatigue and strain. These may predispose you to safety risks. A lightweight track saw is also portable, and therefore you can use it extensively without worrying about fatigue.

Are There Safety Features

Life has no spare part, and therefore you must protect it at all cost. Any tool with a cutting blade is dangerous. When choosing the right track saw to bring home, one of the most important questions to ask yourself is whether the saw of interest has enough safety features for your protection. The major safety features are riving adjustment and brake.

Variable Speed Setting

Variable speed setting is vital in track saw. This is because different materials need different cutting speeds.

For instance, cutting hardboard would require higher speed than that required for cutting softer materials. Luckily, most modern brands know the importance of variable speed setting in improving the versatility of a track so. Therefore, they include it.

Anti-Vibration Feature

While it is true that all power tools, especially saws feature some level of vibration, it is always important to look for a brand with an anti-vibration feature.

This feature makes using a track saw more relaxed and reduce fatigue following extensive use. Do not trust what promoters have to say. Find a chance to test the tools of interest to measure the level of vibration.


It is important to consider quality, but you must not overlook your need to operate on a budget.

Affordability does not always mean cheap. You need to operate on your bud get as long as it will allow you to buy a track saw with features and specifications that will take care of your needs. You can benefit from discounts and promotions to save on high-quality saw.

FAQ's Should I Buy A Track Saw? Which Track Saw To Buy

1. Where can I buy a track saw?

Any well-equipped hardware store should be able to stock track saws, but it would be even better to buy one from online stores.

2. Do all track saws have dust collectors?

I would not say yes, but most modern brand currently comes with some form of dust collection features.

3. Do track saws come with track rails?

Not all track saws come with track rails, but these accessories are quite easy to get from local hardware stores.

4. Are track saws similar to table saws?

No, track saws are not similar to table saws although they share many similarities especially in the kind of work they do. The major differences are in design, size, and capabilities.

5. What is the maximum length of material a track saw can cut?

With a rail track, there is no limit to the length of material that a track saw can cut. All you are necessary to do is to connect the rail tracks.

Last Word

A track saw may be less familiar, but it is a handy tool in woodworking.

If you have been thinking about purchasing one, then I believe that you are well equipped to make the right choice. You may find it difficult at first, but once you understand the most important points to consider, it will be an easy exercise.

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