Till and Cultivate Garden by Rear Tine Tiller

Experience has taught me that how you use a tool determines the quality of work it will deliver, how long it will serve you and its safety. It is not different for rear tine tiller. This versatile tool is useful and versatile for digging large areas of land especially if you use it correctly. Here are the most important steps following to till and cultivate with rear tine tiller:

Till and Cultivate Garden by Rear Tine TillerGetting Ready for the Job

Choose the Right Rear Tine Tiller

The first thing is to choose the right rear tiller. This choice should be depend on the type of land you are going to till.

If yours is soft, loose soil, the standard tine tiller with forward-rotating tine is a good option. In case your land is hard and compacted, a tine tiller with counterclockwise-rotating tine would be the best choice for you.

Read the Operator Manual

This is where many people go wrong. The operator manual contains vital information on how the machine operates, the safety features and precautions to take and how to use the tiller correctly.

The manual will help you familiarize yourself with the tool. Locate on/off switch, drive control, tine control, and the emergency stop mechanism.

Prime the Machine for Work

You cannot just start your rear tine tiller and continue with your tiling job.

You must take your time and make your machine ready for work. You should test that it works perfectly by checking if there is enough gasoline in the gas tank. Then start the engine and let it run for a couple of minutes before you can use the rear tine tiller. This will help you to identify any problems that might arise when you work.

Prepare the Land

Preparing the ground on which you are going to work is a major step in getting ready to till your land. Make sure that the ground you have selected is cleared of large debris such as large rocks, branches, brick or stone.

The area should be relatively dry in order to make tiling easy.

Tilling with a Rear Tine Tiller

Move the Tine Tiller to the Right Position. You cannot start cultivating from the middle of your land. Identify one edge of the planting area and move the tiller to that location so that you can start your tilling from one corner. Making this decision is not difficult, but it is vital so that you can work uniformly throughout the leaving all the areas well tilled.

Start the Tiller Engine

Once you are sure the tiller is in the right position, then it is time to start the engine. Start the rear tine tiller to set it in the neutral position. You can then adjust the machine’s depth guide to the depth you want to till the soil.

If you intend to use the land for tilling, then you have to ensure the tilling depth remains the same throughout the planting area.

Set the Tine Tiller’s Engine to Drive

After you have acquired the right depth, then you can now put the engine or drive mode. First, grab the machine’s handles and then set its drive control to D (drive). Lift the rear part of the tiller by raising the handles upwards slightly. Engage the throttle of the machine slowly and walk the tiller toward your desired location.

Turn the Tine Control On

Turning the tine control on will cause the tine to rotate in the opposite direction that the tine is pulling.

This mechanism aids in tilling the land. Ensure you engage the throttle slowly and walk behind the tiller as you monitor its action carefully. The tiller should be able to lift and divert the top soil off to both sides at the right depth.

Till the Soil Correctly

Tilling for a short distance should give you a good idea of how well or badly the tiller works. Make sure you till the soil in long, straight lines that tend to run parallel to the longest width of the area. No matter how well you think, you cleared the land, ensure you look out for large rocks, stones, and other large debris.

Take Care of Your Safety

While safety is not an actual step in the use of a rear tine tiller, you cannot ignore it when talking about how to till and cultivate by rear tine tiller.

Always wear hearing protection, gloves, and safety goggles while you are operating a rear tine tiller. Do not operate a rear tine tiller while wearing loose clothing.

FAQ's Till and Cultivate Garden by Rear Tine Tiller

How does a rear tine tiller work?

Each tine tiller is equipped with rotating tine that cuts and overturns soil thereby cultivating it to a set depth.

Are rear tine tillers difficult to use?

No, tine tillers are designed to make it easy for anyone capable of operating them. They are equipped with some controls to improve user-friendliness.

What are rototillers?

This is just another name for rear tine tillers. They are so called because of the mechanism the tool uses to cultivate the soil.

Can you use a rear tine tiller on the lawn?

Yes, some smaller brands or models of tine tillers can till lawns for planting grass. They have somewhat individual tines.

Are rear tine tillers safe to use?

Yes, high-quality brands of rear tine tillers add some safety features to protect the user of the machine.

Last Word

A rear tine tiller is simple and easy to use if you have the right information. Manufacturers of these farm tools always include user manuals to guide you on how to till and cultivate garden by rear tine tiller. Your safety should be your number one concern when using a rear tine tiller. Ensure you make use of all the included safety features on your machine.

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