What Is The Best Rear Tine Tiller To Buy

Before buying my own rear tine tiller for my suburban farm, I depended on a rented one from a local shop. I can tell you, choosing the best rear tine tiller to buy was the hardest and the most intimidating decisions I have ever made.

I do not want you to go through the same pain, and so I will present you with an easy to understand buying guide.

what is the best rear tine tillerFactors To Consider When Buying The Best Rear Tine Tiller

You cannot just walk into a store or visit an online store and purchase the first tine tiller your eyes catch. Here are a few points to consider before you make the important decision:


Given the nature of their jobs, rear tine tillers need to deliver enough power. These tools are rated regarding horsepower or the engine size. Look for a tine tiller with an at least 8HP engine. If this is highlighted, then you can look at the engine capacity. Generally, a good tiller should have an engine capacity of 200cc or more.

The Engine

In considering the engine, you should look for a well-known brand like Honda and Briggs & Stratton. Aside from that, you should consider the type of engine.

Rear tine tillers are powered by either 4-stroke or 2-stroke engines. 4-stroke engines are more efficient, less noisy and less polluting while two stroke engines are famous for their power.

The Gears

Another significant consideration is the rear tine tiller’s gears. This is because the tiller is designed to work on rocky, uneven terrain. The best tiller should have gears capable of durable, smooth transmission to lengthen the life of your tool.

The gears should be made of sturdy materials like cast-iron or bronze. Good gears must also be versatile and capable of moving both forwards and backward.


Another crucial determinant of the best rear tine tiller for you is its torque. Torque is the measure of how much force in pounds an object needs in order to rotate in a given distance.

It is provided regarding pounds per feet. A good quality rear tine tiller should have high torque, at least 10lbs/foot or greater.

The Tines

The tines in rear tine tillers are located behind the wheels giving the tool its name. Since tines do the actual job of digging, they must be high quality.

The standard tines in most brands are forward-rotating meaning they move in the same direction as the wheels. This makes them ideal for digging the soft soil. If your garden had hard, compacted soil then it might be beneficial for you to go for a rear tine tiller with counter-rotating tines.

These versions are incredibly powerful and can easily dig such hard and compacted soil.

Tine Tilling Depth and Width

Tine tillers differ in terms of their tine tilling depth and width. Generally, rear tine tillers with deeper and wider depths are more expensive, but they do an excellent job when on the field. Good quality rear tillers should be able to till to a width of 17 to 18 inches and depth of 6 to 7 inches.

Tires or Wheels

Tires are essential if you are looking for the best rear tine tiller to buy. You will need strong, durable and well-balanced wheels or tires to make your tilling easy and well done.

Since the wheels are situated in front of the tines, they should be able to pull the tines with the engine smoothly. The larger the engine size, the larger the tiller and therefore high performance.

Tank Size

Almost all high-quality rear tine tillers are gas-powered. It is important that you consider the tank capacity of the tine tiller. This is because the tanks size determines the downtime of the tool due to refilling.

You should go for a tank size of 3.4 gallons and above. This will give you enough time to do a good amount of tilling before refilling.


Many companies try to make their contributions to environmental conservation.

You should also do your part by buying a carb-compliant brand and model. Carb-compliant brands are more energy-efficient with reduced transmission.

These machines are recognized by most state jurisdictions. Check your state requirements but always ensure the model you buy is carb-compliant.


Money is tough to come by nowadays, and you must take every opportunity you have to make savings. This does not mean you should buy a low-quality rear tine tiller just to make some savings. Try to balance between the quality and price of the machine you wish to purchase.

Do your research well and find the most affordable yet high-quality tine tiller for your needs.

FAQ's What Is The Best Rear Tine Tiller To Buy

1. Where can I buy a rear tine tiller?

You can visit a local store selling farm machinery, or you can buy one from online stores such as Amazon or eBay.

2. How much does a rear tine tiller cost?

These machines vary in price from a few hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars depending on their qualities.

3. What is the best engine for me?

I would recommend a 4-stroke engine because of its energy efficiency, less transmission and silent operation. It is also extremely durable.

4. What are the best rear tine tiller brands?

The well-known brands are Husqvarna, Troy-Built, Briggs and Stratton, and Earthquake among others. It is upon you to make a choice.

5. What is the difference between rear tine tiller and front tine tiller?

The difference between the two is just the location of the tines. In rear tine tillers, the tines are located behind the engine while in front tine tillers, the tines are located in front of engines.

Last Word

Finding the best rear tine tiller should not be such problematic. Consider the above points carefully, and you will find it incredibly easy to make a choice.

Buying the best rear tine tiller will mean you get a product that can serve you optimally for a long time. In the end, you will have saved a lot and enjoyed the convenience of working with a high-quality tiller.

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