What is Track Saws? How do Track Saws Work?

Track saws are not commonly used in the United States but they are extremely common in European countries. However, they are still extremely useful if you can purchase one.

I deal with sheet woods, and I find a track saw much more helpful in helping me deal with these materials although this assertion my infuriate enthusiasts of table saws.

What is track sawsWhat is Track Saws?

Track saws are electric saws that look much like circular saws although they are not similar.

The feature blades designed to retract into a concealed guard until the you thumbs a releasing lever and pin the motor assembly down on the material to start making the cuts. These mechanisms enable the saw to plunge quickly into the work surfaces making track saws suitable for remodelers and flooring contractors.

The saw also help woodworkers achieve laser-straight cuts.

Whom is Track Saw Designed For?

  • Homeowners
  • Carpenters
  • Shop owners
  • Woodworking professionals
  • Handymen or home repair persons
  • Professional flooring contractors
  • Professional home or commercial remodelers

How Do Track Saws Work?

This unique saw type features an electric motor that drives a retractable blade. Most models have a base, designed to over an included channel of an aluminum guardrail and follows in to provide laser straight cuts. The edges of the rail feature a pliable sacrificial strip to support your work piece where the blade teeth exit on the top side.

A track saw begins cutting when you thumb its releasing lever then pin the motor assembly down on to the material.

Since the saw uses a guardrail, it is not difficult to learn how to make straight cuts with it. Popular brands are equipped with a soft start motor, riving adjustment, automatic break and variable speed adjustment for various materials.

How to Use a Track Saw

Track saws have replaced ordinary saws in woodworking because they make cutting wood incredibly easy, super-fast and accurate. However, the quality of work this power tool is able to deliver depends much on how you use it. Here are tips on how to use a track saw.

Use Track Saw Appropriately

If you are new to this type of saw, you might at first find it frustrating and difficult to use. However, this is not a reason to experiment with the tool.

Track saws are designed specifically for wood cutting. Never use it to cut metals, plastic, ceramic and other non-wooden materials. If you do so, you could end up putting your life at risk and damaging the saw.

Choose The Right Blade To Use

As you may be well aware, you cannot achieve any cut without a blade, but not just any blade will do the job.

A good quality track saw blade should be able to cut through the material fast and with ease. Generally, the ideal blade should have a diameter of 160mm and a round arbor bore of 20mm.
Ensure the blade is sharp and strong.

Make The Right Riving Adjustment

A riving knife is a vital part of any track saw. Without it, you can forget about your safety because it is what keeps you safe from kickbacks.

Despite the fact that a riving knife is a built-in safety feature, it requires adjusting before powering on the saw. Take time to check its alignment with the blade before you start the machine and ensure it is located in the right place.

Set The Right Cutting Depth

The cutting depth is a measure of just how deep the blade can cut through the material in question.

This depth is a significant contributor to the quality of the cut. Several brands do well by indicating the recommended depth in their manuals but some you might have to figure yourself.

An important point to remember is that the cutting depth should be too deep to jeopardize the cutting accuracy as well as the function of the saw.

Observe Safety Precautions And Use Protective Gear

Using a track saw can be a dangerous affair if you do not exercise safety precautions.

If you have decided on using this saw, you will do well by holding your safety carefully. You must keep your hands away from the blade and the cutting path. You must also wear the perfect protective gear for your feet, eyes, ears, and nose.

FAQ's What Is Track Saws How Do Track Saws Work How To Use Track Saw

1. Can a track saw cut metals?

No, it would be a serious mistake even try using a track saw to cut metals. These tools are specifically designed for woodworking.

2. Can I start cutting with the saw immediately after powering it on?

No, a good practice is to start the saw then allow it to reach its full speed before you start cutting the material. Thus, you will need to be patient for a couple of seconds.

3. Can I cut without using a rail track?

While you can make a cut freely with a track saw, it would be a good idea to use a rail track. A rail track acts as a guide for your saw to make accurate cuts.

4. Is it dangerous to use a track saw?

Just like most other saws, this tool can be dangerous if you use it carelessly. Make sure you read the user manual, exercise the safety precautions and wear protective gear.

5. Are track saw blades universal?

Yes, the track saw blades can be used in any saw, but they differ significantly in many aspects including sizes, tooth configuration, thickness and more.

Last Word

Track saws are not as popular as other saws in the United States, but they come in handy in woodworking. If you have been contemplating about buying a track saw and you were confused about a few things then I am optimistic that you are now well informed.

With the right technique, you will find it easy to achieve your goals while using this woodworking tool.

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