What Scroll Saw to Buy the Best?

A friend once told me that technology is the worst and the best thing that has ever happened to humanity. In the one hand, it has helped to make our life much easier while on the other hand, it has made out options limitless when we are looking for a particular product to buy. This is the story with scroll saws.

A scroll saw is a highly versatile tool that allows you to make intricate cuts in a variety of materials which including wood, metal, plastic and other materials.

What Scroll Saw to Buy the BestNot all scroll saw brands currently in the market deliver the same performance level. They also differ significantly in design, price as well as some attributes. So how do you go about finding what scroll saw to buy?

What Scroll Saw to Buy the Best

Saw Sizing (Throat Measurement)

The sizing of a scroll saw is determined by measuring the distance from the blade to the back of the saw frame.

Also known as throat measurement, this sizing limits the size of the material that the saw is capable of handling. Usually, throat measurement ranges from 12 inches to 30 inches in professional type scroll saws.

Throat size of 16 inches is sufficient for most household projects.

Scroll Saw Speed

The speed of a scroll saw is measured regarding strokes per minute (SPM).

The speed varies widely from one model to another with the range being between 400 SPM to 1800 SPM. Newer models feature variable speed selection, which adds to the versatility of such saws.

This because different materials require a range of speeds.

Scroll Saw Blade

Scroll saws will accept one or two types of blades – pin-end blades and plain-end blades. The pin-head blades feature a tiny cross pin on each end. The cross pins are designed to rest on a hook-like holder.

They are quicker and easier to change than plain head blades. The plain-end blades are flat on both end and are clamped at each end. One clamp is above the worktable while the other is on the table.

Saw Support (Frame)

Most good quality scroll saws feature cast-iron frame or table that provides heavy-duty stability while at the same time absorbing noise and vibration.

This helps you to cut with greater accuracy and control. Some versions come installed on saw strands with others being sold separately.

Yet others feature clamps to attach to the table or work bench. Support is significant.

Saw Dust Disposal

It is a well-known fact that woodworking creates some dust that can cloud your working station. Such dust may also enter your lungs and cause serious health problems. Scroll saws that have sawdust disposal feature deal with the dust at the source.

When selecting what scroll saw to buy, ensure it has a dust catchment system or one with detachable zipper bag for holding dust.

Lighting Option

Scroll saws are used for fine detail work. Such work requires adequate lighting. Work done in a well-lit platform is definitely good quality and can stand up to scrutiny.

Please look for a scroll saw a model with an integrated light of good intensity to illuminate the material platform clearly. The light should be adjustable because some materials are darker.

Scroll Saw Adjustability

Adjustability of a scroll saw is a significant consideration. There are several ways in which these tools are flexible.

Certain models are mounted on tables made to tilt to 45 degrees needed for bevel cutting. Other have adjustable arms that allow you to keep the work material flat for greater for greater precision when making bevel cuts. Go for an adjustable scroll saw.

Scroll Saw Controls

Any tool meant for precision work should have front oriented controls that are readily accessible.

Be careful to choose a scroll saw a model with on/off switch as well as variable speed control at your fingertip. A good advice would be to add a pedal control to your saw to give you continuous, hands-free convenience while operating.

Drive Options

Most models of scroll saws feature parallel arm drives. In such cases, the motor is mounted towards the rear of the machine, and the arms maintain a parallel position at all times.

Another type is the parallel link featuring rods in the upper and lower arms that push short, mobile pieces that secure the saw blade. Between the two, the parallel link is much better because it reduces noise and vibration during operation.

Blade Tensioning System

Look for a scroll saw with a blade tensioning system. It is not enough that the saw has the system.

Such system needs to be set up in front and with controls that are easy and simple to operate.

This will save you time, efforts and frustrations when you need to position the blade or change the existing blade for another.

FAQ's What Scroll Saw To Buy

1. Where can I buy scroll saw?

I would recommend you visit a well-equipped store near you. Alternatively, you can shop online where limitless choices are increasing your chances of getting the very best.

2. What is fretwork about scroll saws?

Fretwork is a specialty scroll saw project used in creating scale models of structures like the statue of liberty. Fretwork is ornamental and comprises 3D geometric patterns or frets.

3. What is intarsia about scroll saws?

Intarsia defines specialty scrollwork that is highly detailed comprising wood and another material to produce a mosaic style design.

4. Can scroll saws cut metals?

Yes, as long as the saw has the right speed and is fitted with the right blade, a scroll saw can make intricate cuts in metals although the process can seriously overheat the blade and motor.

5. Where can I get buy scroll saw accessories?

In most cases, the stores that sell scroll saws also store their accessories. An easier way would be to order from one of the numerous online stores.

Last Word

Finding the best scroll saw to buy should not be stressful affair now that you have this information.

The saw you choose will determine the quality of work such saw is capable of delivering, and the duration of time it will take serving you. Carefully contemplating each of these points will put you on the road to making the best selection.

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